CRYOTHERAPY (local - one area) - coldtreatment. This procedure involves lowering the temperature of the tissue. The purpose of cryotherapy is to reduce the temperature of the skin and deeper tissue, thereby causing a hyperemia of the treated articles deep. Cryotherapy works mainly analgesic and przekrwiennie.Under the influence of low temperatures, the superficial blood vessels to reduce their diameter, it increases the blood vessels deep. Through this mechanism, we get congestion structures deep stacked. This state remains in the area about 4 hours.

In our center, this treatment is performed using the most modern equipment Cryo-T Duo. This camera obtains the temperature of -75 O C. Cryo-T Duo is fixedly connected to two electronic nozzles. It is used in clinics, hospitals, sanatoriums.


  • Treatment of joints and muscles
  • Injuries of joints and soft tissues, eg. Sprains, dislocations
  • All rheumatoid diseases and rheumatic locomotor eg. Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Ankylosing spondylitis
  • Psoriatic arthritis
  • Diseases of the joints on the background of metabolic disorders (gout)
  • periarthritis
  • Osteoarthritis of the spine
  • Burns - removing thermal shock
  • discopathies
  • enthesopathies
  • Tendopatie
  • myalgia
  • Diseases of tendons, torn muscles and ligaments
  • prevention of osteoporosis
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Swelling, bruising, hematoma posttraumatic

Paraffin (local) - is a warming procedure that causes intense, local congestion. Curative effect of treatment on the body is associated with a strong, localized overheating tissues. Heat treatments cause dilation of blood vessels, speed up your heart rate and affect the growth of cardiac output. At the same time they reduce blood pressure. Increased blood flow causes the tissue site to be treated are better nourished and oxygenated, and the components of metabolic quickly removed. In addition, the heat relaxes the skeletal muscles, increases the extensibility of joint capsules, tendons and ligaments, which greatly improves joint mobility. Observed analgesic and anti-inflammatory paraffin wraps. It is worth mentioning that the heat work in general calming and relaxing effect on the human body.


  • post-traumatic contracture
  • contractures after surgery
  • joint and muscle pain
  • circulatory disorders of skin capillaries
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • ankylosing spondylitis
  • contracture scar

Therapeutic effects:

  • an increase in blood pressure
  • to improve the circulation in the capillaries
  • reducing edema
  • the liquidation of long-term hematoma
  • more flexible tissue
  • muscle relaxation
  • speed up metabolism
  • analgesic
  • relaxation
  • improving joint mobility

THERMOGEL (hot and cold) - is one of the treatments involving the use of hot or cold compress gel.The main advantage of the gel wrap is a long time putting heat or cold. Treatment of heat and cold for centuries is used in the control of many diseases and conditions. Termożele currently used to relieve pain and treating inflammatory conditions of the muscles and joints. In addition thermogels positive effect on the nervous tension and muscle.

Indications for use thermogel

This form of treatment is used in the following symptoms:

  • weakening of muscle strength,
  • Chronic inflammation
  • muscle spasm,
  • inflammatory changes within the bone (rheumatism)
  • neuralgia (neuralgia)
  • some gynecological diseases,
  • some ENT diseases.

Contraindications to such forms of treatment are:

  • ulcers,
  • inefficient circulatory system,
  • hyperthyroidism,
  • bleeding disorders
  • hypertension,
  • peritonitis,
  • cancers,
  • appendicitis.

To preserve the therapeutic properties, the temperature cold compress can not fall below -25 degrees, while the temperature of a warm compress should not exceed 70 degrees. The temperature, which will be used, depends on the individual needs of the patient and the nature of his ailment.

Thermogels properties are:

  • analgesic,
  • anti-inflammatory,
  • relaxing effect.

Warm thermogel cause an increase in tissue temperature, which causes blood vessels to expand, which increases blood flow. Treatment of heat makes the metabolism and the process of cleaning the body of toxic substances accelerate, as well affects on health. The body then rapidly regenerated and becomes more resistant to the effects of free radicals and germs. Cold thermogel used to reduce blood flow, for example, near the site of injury or pain.Thanks to compress under the influence of low temperatures and reduces swelling and decreases the sensitivity of nerve endings. In this way the pain is relieved. Cold also works well inflammation, bleeding and pus. However, due to the fact that each responds differently to cold, observe the reaction of the skin to compress GEL.

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