Rehabilitation and Physioteraphy Center
is located in Zawiercie (Poland) known as a „Gate to Kraków – Częstochowa Upland”. Jura is a picturesque geographic region - land of white rocks, caves, castles and hills overgrown by a beautiful forests - located in south of Poland, lies stretched between Częstochowa and Krakow. Zawiercie is also very close to main roads Katowice - Warszawa, Kraków - Częstochowa, and airports Katowice - Pyrzowice (30km) and Kraków - Balice (65km).

Rehabilitation is socio - medical process aimed at comprehensive action to restore as much as possible physical fittnes.

In Rehabilitation Center we strive that patient could get possibly maximal physical and mental fittnes. Our proffesional trained staff helps us to do that as well as our modern treatment rooms with latest equipment.

We use a latest equipment for medical treatment:

  • PhysioGo 300A - electrotherapy and ultrasounds.
  • Polaris 2 - laserotherapy
  • Magneris - magnetic field
  • Cryo-T duo - cryotherapy
  • Sollux lamp for phototherapy
  • Aquanesis H - tube for upper limbs massage
  • Aquanesis BP - tube for lower limbs and spine massage
  • Lymphastim EASY 6 - pressure massage

Main thing of rehabilitation treatment is Kinesitherapy - various forms of physical exercises:

  • gymnastic
  • exercices in UGUL - universal cabin of medical improvment
  • water exercises

Secondary rehabilitation treatment is Physiotherapy:

  • thermotherapy
  • phototherapy
  • electrotherapy
  • hydrotherapy
  • massages

We specialize to treat medical diseases like:

  • degenerative diseases of the joints, spine and disc disease
  • arthritis
  • chronic inflammation of nerves and muscles
  • muscle paralysis
  • difficult bone union
  • nerves paines
  • scar contractures
  • lymphatic stasis
  • musculoskeletal disease
  • nervous system disease
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