IONOPHORESIS - This is an electrotherapeutic procedure of introducing into the tissues, using the strength of the electric field of ions acting therapeutic.

This procedure can only be used drugs or other chemicals, which are electrolytic dissociation.

Ions after penetration into the skin to accumulate on the border of the epidermis and dermis near the superficial vascular network from where they are distributed with the flow of blood to the body.

Iontophoresis use at:

  • scars, scar contractures
  • difficult zroście bones
  • slow-healing ulcers
  • neuralgia
  • sciatica
  • headaches
  • chronic inflammation of the joints
  • bacterial skin inflammations


Galvanic current - This is an electrotherapeutic procedure relies on the flow through a given part of the body DC, used analgesic and anti-inflammatory for the treatment of nerve pain, degenerative joint diseases of the spine, flaccid paralysis and disorders of the peripheral circulation.

Galvanic currents therapies we use to treat:

  • neuralgia
  • Chronic inflammation of nerves
  • Of painful osteoarthritis
  • Disorders of peripheral circulation
  • flaccid paralysis
  • vascular blood clots
  • Difficult-union fractures

ULTRASOUND (locally) - during the treatment uses mechanical vibrations at a frequency of 800 - 24000 kHz. The main effect of ultrasound on tissue mechanical action is called "micro-massage", and is caused by pressure fluctuations in the course of the sound wave. Also very important part of their operation is the impact on the biochemistry of the tissue, leading to foster oxidation.


  • analgesic
  • decreased muscle tone
  • formation of the active compounds of biological
  • systemic influence enzymes
  • vasodilation
  • stabilization of the sympathetic nervous system
  • inhibition of inflammation
  • acceleration of tissue absorption
  • histaminopodobnych the release of biologically active quantities

Phonophoresis - Method of introducing the drug by using ultrasound. In order to enhance the action of ultrasound, instead of the traditional coupling agent is used the gel containing the active components - anti-inflammatory, analgesic, improving blood circulation or facilitating the flexibility of scars. Putting them on the tissue with ultrasound provides faster and deeper penetration of medicinal substances.


  • Pains of joints and spine
  • neuralgia
  • The team trying to elbow and shoulder
  • scars

Tonolysis - It is a method of electrostimulation, whose main aim is to restore the physiological balance of stimulation of muscle fibers. It is used in patients with dysfunction of the central nervous system where there is paralysis of the spastic muscles. Working current causes forced, alternating operation extensor and flexor, leading in effect to play reflex mechanism and restore the physiological balance of infected muscle.

Indications for surgery:

  • after injury and stroke
  • after spinal cord injury
  • after neurosurgical
  • multiple sclerosis and amyotrophic lateral
  • or cerebral palsy in children

ELECTROSTIMULATION . It is used here constant current pulse (flowing intermittently). Purpose of the treatment is to stimulate the muscles to contract. Performed electrical stimulation of muscles affected (damaged nerves afferent impulses) as a substitute for natural beats and healthy in order to strengthen them or improve peripheral circulation.


  • prevention of muscular atrophy
  • improvement of disadvantaged groups of muscles
  • Prevention or inhibition of muscle spasm
  • reeducation lost muscle function
  • maintaining or increasing range of motion in the joints
  • increase local blood circulation
  • in sport training: during the warm-up, in the exercise of power, speed events, endurance, resistance, or during regeneration as part of rehabilitation after injuries

Diadynamic - Diadynamic divided into several types, differing in frequency and intensity of the AC component. Depending on the needs of the patient can thus be obtained various advantages - improvement of blood flow and tissue nutrition, the increase or decrease in muscle tone, faster absorption of edema.


  • back pain and spine
  • team sciatica
  • neuralgia
  • vascular teams
  • migraine
  • self-induced cyanosis limbs
  • inflammation of periarticular
  • shingles
  • frostbite
  • swelling against nutritional disorders
  • muscle atrophy from inactivity

Interference currents - These currents of medium frequency modulated in amplitude at low frequency.Interference currents whose frequency varies rhythmically, act on spasms of skeletal muscles, stimulate the muscles to contract (which improves peripheral circulation) produce analgesic effect, improve processes nutrients and tissue metabolism.


  • pains of the locomotor system
  • traumatic and degenerative
  • neuralgia
  • myalgia
  • peripheral circulation disorders
  • reducing edema

Trabert currents - therapy currents Trabert is to introduce muscle tremors, which reduces their tension.Otherwise, this method can be called "massage current, impulse." This treatment also has a fast analgesic effect.

Indications for therapy:

  • osteoarthritis
  • back pain
  • neuralgia
  • myalgia
  • hypertonia
  • post-traumatic musculoskeletal
  • peripheral circulation disorders

CURRENTS Kotz (Russian stimulation) - is a type of stimulation used to strengthen the muscle strength and weight gain. Stimulation by Kotz undergo only skeletal muscles innervated properly. This method is therefore suitable for muscle stimulation hipotroficznych, disappearing due to immobilization and healthy muscle training.


  • muscle atrophy from immobilization
  • muscular workout
  • electric peripheral lesser degree
  • muscle stimulation
  • stimulation of bone healing
  • chronic pain
  • damage to nerve conduction

TENS - This is a method for the symptomatic treatment of acute and chronic pain by low-voltage electricity.Electrical stimulation of the nervous system on different levels (peripheral and central core) causes a blocking of pain signals from the patient and release the troublesome symptoms.


  • pains of muscles, spine, joints
  • neuralgia
  • shingles
  • RA
  • AS
  • inflammation of periarticular
  • discopathies
  • sports injuries

MAGNETIC FIELD - The magnetic field the ions contained in the cells of the body movements are causing hyperpolarization of the cell membrane, thereby enhancing the metabolism. The magnetic field improves blood circulation, accelerates wound healing and increases the utilization of oxygen by the cell. It also causes pain relief, prevents inflammation and relaxes tense muscles.

Biological effects:

  • analgesic
  • anti-inflammatory
  • the intensification of the processes of tissue respiration
  • increase tissue oxygen scavenging
  • mobilization of microcirculation
  • stimulation of peripheral circulation
  • action antioedematous
  • accelerate regeneration of soft tissues
  • speeding up the process of bone union
  • effect on the free oxygen radicals
  • effect on nerve synapses
  • the immunostimulatory

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