Wieliczka – salt mine, graduation tower

Wieliczka is famous not only in Poland but in the world, thanks to the beautiful Salt Mine, which is visited by over 1 million tourists a year. From the thirteenth century, it is known as a center for mining of this resource, and the mine was founded by the St. Kinga.

The mine is a labyrinth of underground corridors with a length of 300 km. It is a valuable cultural monument of material and technical thought, why was inscribed on the World Heritage List of Cultural and Natural Heritage in 1978, so in the year when the list was created.








Graduation tower

Walk in the brine graduation tower is the most pleasant of the varieties of inhaled therapy. Resulting in the towers natural salt aerosol is similar to that from the seaside. Due to their health properties, promotes the treatment of selected diseases of the respiratory tract of a recurrent and persistent, such as:

  •      various forms of chronic rhinitis
  •      bronchial asthma and respiratory allergic diseases
  •      states after the treatment of acute respiratory tract infection
  •      chronic inflammation of the paranasal sinuses
  •      chronic inflammation of the throat and the Eustachian tube
  •      chronic inflammation of the larynx
  •      chronic bronchitis
  •      Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  •      occupational disease and damage to the respiratory tract in the course of work



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