Swimming pool

We are very happy to invite you to the hotel's swimming pool with a pool bar.

You will be able to enjoy all the attractions of the complex, in addition to quench their thirst at our pool bar. Here you can find a video shot on our pool .


Pool is open daily from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Price for 1 hour :

An adult - 16,00 PLN

Children under 4 - free

Children from 4 to 12 years - 8,00 PLN

Children over 12 years - 16,00 PLN

Hotel guests enjoy the pool free of charge.

You can rent an exclusive complex ( stag parties , hen parties , birthdays , etc. ) , with the possibility of buying consumption. For more details please contact Sales and Marketing Department.

There are also available passes for several entries:

10 entries 1h/ each - 130,00 PLN (including 2 free entries )

20 entries 1h/ each - 240,00 PLN (including 5 free enters)

Attractions of the pool:

  • CHLORINE-FREE pool 16mx7m ( depth 140 cm)
  • Water spritzer
  • Water Cascade neck massage
  • Underwater air geyser
  • Underwater fountain
  • Seats with pearl massage
  • Two 6 person Jacuzzi with sea water
  • Illumination

Infrared saunas cleanse the skin and subcutaneous tissue from unnecessary toxins, resulting in a firm, clear and healthy skin. The system causes the body to excrete not only water, but also fat ( 20%) , cholesterol , heavy metals, acids and toxins . Faster recovery, improved blood circulation, healthy skin, weight loss , better general condition of the body - infrared sauna can provide all of these results at a much lower cost than other methods . The best results can be achieved with regular use - preferably once or twice a week.

Regular visits to the sauna have also a positive effect on the reduction of cellulite.

The advantages of sauna:

  • Helps to fight cellulite by heating - excess fat , toxic compounds that may contribute to the formation of cellulite are released from the body
  • Helps to obtain a beautiful and healthy skin - infrared rays help to cleanse the skin, as well as provoke better blood circulation .
  • Effortless training - the system allows the body to maintain good health and physique.
  • Massage - infrared effects on muscle tension and reduces the regeneration
  • Improves the cardiovascular system - radiant heat warms the muscles and deep tissue organs , which increases heart rate , relieves pain in diseases of the musculoskeletal system
  • Removes stress - with comfortable conditions prevailing inside the cabin it is possible to get rid of tension and stress more quickly. Sauna acts as an antidepressant.

The infrared sauna can be used by anyone regardless of age and physical condition.

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